The VALENCIA features unique cushioning that feels sumptious and luxurious as it embraces and supports your body. The specially designed foam and chaise lounger footrests adjusts to your body smoothly. It simply stretches to that extra degree of comfort you have come to expect.

With a dual motor rise and recline, the user has more flexibility in determining a position that they find comfortable. There is a panel with the control buttons and a USB port located within your reach. You can even choose to have an auto-return function to return the chair to its original position. It also comes with a safety feature that stops the movement when an object is in the way.

The superior finish of Seating Spectrum leather, fabric and trim begins with the source from which it comes. Each item is rigorously scrutinised for imperfections and only the finest make it to production. Intensive testing ensures our seating material deliver long-lasting quality and unparrelled comfort.

Coming in various colors and shades, customizable options such as monograms are available for our customers to personalize their unique, one-of-a-kind Seat.



Seating Spectrum

Seating Spectrum seats are produced in Malaysia with stringent quality control in production with assurance of quality in our materials by our valued supply partners. Our qualified personnel are committed to our after sales service with timely response and required rectification for any after sales matter.

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