Our retractable systems open up space when required, transforming venues into multi-purpose halls and seated sporting arenas in a matter of minutes. Each system is tailor-made to suit the project and space requirements, with a range of options for seats, peripherals and accessories. From a project development and planning standpoint, this also gives architects, consultants and engineers the freedom to plan for expanded space usage. Other benefits are:


“Safe & Straight GuidanceSafety is paramount when operating a retractable system. Bearing that in mind, the system has been developed with a dual locking mechanism that is activated when extending or retracting the system. In accordance with high safety standards, the system is made from heavy duty, spring-loaded steel. This ensures that each platform will extend and retract individually and safely. The guide rollers are tested to ensure that the system stays straight and true to its path, every time it is in operation.

“Safe & AdjustableUsing heavy gauge, powder-coated steel for the understructure (in accordance with USEPA standards), the system has been designed and developed from the ground up to be durable and strong. Inclusive of a self- supporting structure for each deck designed with a combination of inclined and horizontal braces, this ultimately ensures a durable system that can be used for years to come.

“Safe & Floor ProtectionGoing beyond the prevalent industry standards, our platforms use a large number of wider wheels in order to provide better grip across all types of surfaces in order to achieve a more efficient spread of load. The wheels are covered with soft polyurethane to reduce the risk of damage to the flooring or carpeting.

“Strong and DurableOur precision-engineered retractable systems are designed for durability, and for reliable performance with minimal maintenance. Each system installed is guaranteed with a warranty for 10 years for the understructure, after being signed upon completion of installation by our engineers.

Seat Types and Models

Find a solution that matches your taste and needs

Tip Up Type

The seats and armrests automatically tilt upwards when people stand up. On retraction of the system, the seats fold down and are neatly tucked away.

Fold Down Type

These seats are a little more economical than tip up seats. The backrest folds down upon retraction of the system. Upon extension, spectators will lift the backrest to an open position.

Bench Type

Bench type seats provide the easiest maintenance, and provide the most flexibility and seating capacity in small spaces. These benches can be provided with optional backrests.

Storage Options

We design the system to suit your room rather than the other way around!


Safe, reliable and durable operation


Four wheel or six wheels per unit on a shaft with a geared motor to smoothly extend or retract the system. The wide surface area of the wheels allows for a safe mode of operation and provides additional protection to the flooring.
A motor is equipped on a specially operated cart. When extending or retracting the system, the operating cart must be connected to the first deck.
There are no electrical parts on the manual pulling units. When extending or retracting the system, the manual pulling trolley must be linked to the first deck of the system where it is pulled manually by the operator.


The seats on each deck are raised up or down by assisted motor operation as the system opens and closes. The motor and gear box are located under the seats and are completely covered by a folded steel plate to ensure the safety of the audience. A bank of around 10 seats can be linked to operate together.
The seats are raised up or down manually using a crank bar or a foot pedal. The bar locks or opens the device which is located below the operating box. For ease of operation and safety, we recommend not more than 4 to 5 seats being linked together.


Seating Spectrum

Seating Spectrum seats are produced in Malaysia with stringent quality control in production with assurance of quality in our materials by our valued supply partners. Our qualified personnel are committed to our after sales service with timely response and required rectification for any after sales matter.

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